Līve frontman Ed Kowalczyk: A NZ tour & the 30th anniversary of 'Throwing Copper'

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Friday, 15 March 2024, 4:06PM
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Photo / Getty Images

Līve frontman, Ed Kowalczyk is soon to be co-headlining a New Zealand tour with Incubus, performing in Auckland and Christchurch next month. 

This year marks Līve’s 30th anniversary for their studio album, Throwing Copper which falls 2 weeks after the NZ shows. Ed said nothing special was done for the album's 25th anniversary so something must be done for the 30th “If we're going to do something special, it'll be a song I haven't done for a while and I think we have got to have a cake.” 

Ed was only in his early 20s with little life experience when he wrote Throwing Copper. “It is a serious thing to look back on that and think about the content, the depth of it.... Even back then I remember people looked at us a little funny, like ‘this guy is only 20 years old?’” 

The band and Ed are ready to bring their all to Aotearoa! “The band brings everything. They bring Southern rock, they bring the rock, they bring the vocals, this group of musicians surrounding me is blowing minds. The band is just keeping true to the core of them, of course, but do things differently with the songs and lifting them up and powering them in new spots and in ways that I think fans are really loving. And I know once we get Down Under, it's going to be no different.” 

Ed went on to talk about what the audience can expect at the Christchurch and Auckland shows “my guitarist sent an idea for the setlist for Down Under. It's 14/15 songs it looks like, and I did a record back before COVID Hit, it was 2019... under a different name. I did it under the name Goose Blackstone.”  

Of the individual tracks, Ed says; “there's a song called Leave the Radio On that we've been doing in the Līve show. It's a cover [of Goose Blackstone] but it's an original, but it's a cover because it's a cover of me. So that's looking like it's going to hit about track nine. It's going to be a damn good show. You should come to both shows.” 

You can listen to their full chat below on the GOLD A-Sides podcast! 

This NZ tour will see +LIVE+ and INCUBUS joined by New Zealand hottest 2-piece Midwave Breaks. +LĪVE+ have sold over 23 million albums worldwide and earned two number-one albums: Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi.

Their catalogue is filled with such gems as Lightning Crashes, I Alone, All Over You and Lakini’s Juice.

Tuesday 2nd April 2024 | Wolfbrook Arena, Christchurch | TICKETS HERE

Thursday 4th April 2024 | Trusts Arena, Auckland | TICKETS HERE

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