Ex-Cold Chisel manager, Rod Willis, has released a memoir about his time with the band

Publish Date
Friday, 3 November 2023, 4:13PM

Cold Chisel’s former manager, Rod Willis, has just released a memoir about his time with the band -  Ringside.

The description reads, “A tale of music and mayhem from the man behind rock and roll superstars Cold Chisel.”

Ringside follows Willis’ journey to the UK in the 1960s before returning to Australia. Inspired by a booming international music scene, Willis was ready to find an all-time great band that could catapult Australian music to the top.

Ringside promises to take us behind the doors of the studios and beer barns that were the breeding grounds for bands like Cold Chisel and reveal how Cold Chisel became the biggest band in Australia.

After initial struggles, they struck paydirt with the 1980 album East, one of the highest-selling Australian albums of all time. Rod guided 'Chisel' until 1983 and their unforgettable Last Stand tour.

The blurb for Ringside continued, “During his 50-year wild ride, Rod would encounter everything and everyone from The Beatles, notorious groupies, mobsters, to music industry legends while witnessing the creation of a musical catalogue that has become an integral part of the great Australian songbook.”

Ringside is available to purchase now.

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