Philip Norman - 'George Harrison: The Reluctant Beatle' author

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 10:42AM

Tracey caught up with esteemed British Rock journalist/author Philip Norman to chat about his latest biography 'George Harrison: The Reluctant Beatle'. He tells Tracey of the evening spent in The Beatles dressing room as a 22-year-old through to days spent with Yoko Ono.

00:10 - Philip's thoughts on the new Beatles song
00:45 - Listening to music after being a critic
01:24 - Was George an introvert, or reluctant?
02:29 - What would George be doing now if he was still with us?
03:15 - George was a big Formula 1 fan
03:35 - The time Philip got into The Beatles dressing room
04:36 - Meeting Yoko Ono, potentially writing a biography on her
06:29 - Philip's next project 

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